A young company, dynamic and flexible,

attentive to new trends.

For over 20 years in the contract furnishing market,

P&P Chairs is a dynamic company, attentive to new trends. More than 20 years of experience in the specific field of contract furnishing, enable us to know well our customers' different needs.

A rich and complete range

Our product range is rich and complete: chairs, stools, pouf, ARMCHAIRS & SOFAS, all offered in classic, modern, country or designer style. Commitment to research is the basis of P&P Chairs’ ability to constantly renew its range.

The pursuit of absolute quality

Our constant aim is quality: we pay great attention to the design process, the selection of the materials (leathers, wood types, fabrics and stuffings), the choice of the manufacturing and assembling methods. Everything under strict observance of the law.

Our strength

P&P Chairs’ strength lies in the production process, which is performed entirely in house. A rare thing in these times of outsourcing, that allows us to control each stage of the production process, often including the delivery of the goods.

Maximum flexibility

The customized management of the production processes allows maximum flexibility, at all levels. This enables us to produce customized models as well, guaranteeing quality and worldwide delivery, even for small orders.